SJV COVID response

Brethren, We have now been under the shadow of COVID-19 almost 9 months now.  We have gone from a total shut down of St John Vianney to where we are now; but where exactly are we?  

Right now, COVID-19 is still present, but is not a virulent as it once was.  The death rate is way down thanks to our medical professionals and researchers who have learned how to treat this virus.  We have all gotten better at not going out unless necessary, eating at home, and not touching our faces.  We are truly better off than we were in March 2020.

What does this mean for St John Vianney parish?  We will continue with our regular schedule of masses and confessions, we have been named an essential service.  We will follow Ordinariate dictates on how we behave within the confines of the mass.  Right now the Ordinariate is not mandating the use of masks, but is asking us to social distance and allow for a “clean environment” to worship in.  We do wash with bleach all surfaces in the cafetorium prior to mass.  We also provide Purell (or like) at the doors, and I have pure alcohol to sanitize my fingers between each family at the distribution of the Blessed Sacrament.  We are blessed with a huge area for mass, and we can easily keep 6’ between each family, even if our whole congregation attends.

Bishop Lopes has gone a step further by offering commutation from mass for all who are 60 or above, or have underlying health issues that makes them vulnerable to COVID-19.

We are also offering daily masses that are not well attended, thereby giving the opportunity for those in vulnerable states to receive the Blessed Sacrament safely.  

Though we do not, and will not require masks, if there is demand, I will be very happy to offer an extra Sunday mass that requires mask wearing.  If this will help, please let me know and I will make the arrangements.

This is a difficult time.  Real numbers and facts are all caught up in politics, and we cannot be certain of how serious this virus is.  What we can do is be vigilant, and be godly.  This is a charged situation because we are dealing with the unknown.  We must all fight to keep our tempers, and trust in God.

If you ever have questions or concerns, please call me.

God Bless

Fr Scott

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