We are a small congregation.  We have 35 families, and 85 members.  Our budget is hovering around $120,000.00.  By any definition, we are a small congregation.  If we stay at this size, we will surely die as a congregation.

Struggling?  Yes.  Hopeless?  Hardly.  We are blessed with land that is (or will be soon) paid off.  We also have enough to build a church, parish hall, classrooms, chapel and offices.  We are blessed.  All this will be fully paid for, we will have no debt.

It is strange to be so blessed, while at the same time be concerned for our future; but this is where we are.  

Would you like to see St. John Vianney continue and be here for generations to come?  Would you like to think that our little parish will provide the sacraments for our children and grand children? If your answer is yes, then volunteer.

We are in urgent need of the following:

  • Teachers/Catechists
  • Cleaners (wiping pews)
  • Lectors (men or women)
  • Acolytes (men or boys)
  • MC’s for mass (Men)
  • Lay Readers (Men)
  • Eucharistic visitors
  • Altar Guild workers
  • Nursery workers

Please consider volunteering, as God calls you.  If we are to grow we need to give our time, talent and treasure.  If we are to grow we must also invite our friends and neighbors to mass.  Tell everyone of our building process, tell them about the reverence of our mass, tell them of the friendships we share.

Let us grow together.  Let us provide Cleburne the Catholic witness that God is calling us be.

God Bless

Fr Scott

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