On this very political day, we should all not allow ourselves to be distracted.  God was never really concerned with who ruled, but how they ruled.  God also tells us that our concern should not be for ourselves, but for God and our fellow man.  We should be concerned that our fellow man is dealt with in the following manner:

  1. Charity: Is our God and our neighbor being treated with respect and due honor?
  2. Joy: Is God joyful when He looks upon His creation?  Is our neighbor joyful about their life?
  3. Peace: Our God is obviously at peace, but is our neighbor? 
  4. Kindness: Is our God and our neighbor treated with kindness?
  5. Patience: Is our God and our neighbor treated with patience?
  6. Goodness: Is our God and our neighbor shown goodness by those who are in power?
  7. Generosity: Is our God shown generosity for His Church?  Is our neighbor shown generosity especially when they are in need?
  8. Mildness: Is our God and our neighbor dealt with mildly or with severity?
  9. Self control: Is our neighbor showing self control, and are they shown self control by those in authority?
  10. Faithfulness: Is our neighbor faithful to the one true God?
  11. Chastity: Is our neighbor chase, are they encouraged and enabled to be so by their government?
  12. Modesty Is our neighbor modest and are they encouraged and enabled to be so by their government?

We should treat all with the gifts of the Spirit.  But many of these gifts may be troublesome to our neighbor; as who defines chastity?  Faithfulness? Modesty?  What is peace, kindness and patience?  What is good?  Our neighbor has difficulty because we all know that these gifts are in question as to their very definition.  

The devil has indeed distracted us.  A majority of mankind cannot define most of the gifts of the Spirit.  This shows us we should be more concerned with our evangelism and education than who is president.  

It has been said many times before that all politics are local.  There is always a call to the minority party to take grassroots action.  I would suggest the roots we should look too are the ones God gave us.  If all the earths population were good Catholics, would we have the issues we deal with today?

If you are unhappy and distracted today, let the Church catch your attention.  Pray to God about what you can do to help.  God has at times taken action; the flood comes to mind.  But more often, God uses men and women to do His work.  You are called…whoever you are!  Age, race, background; none of this matters, you are called.  The problems are clear and before us, let us get focused and let us do God’s bidding.

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