The Fields are ready for Harvest!

More than I should, I watch Youtube.  Now that they have joined the censorship brigade of the big-tech, I have tried to cut back.  But I am still keeping up with a few.  One couple sailing the world keeps my interest, they bought their boat for $5000.00 and sail it in the blue water; courage or stupidity, you choose.

The other day they were in Puerto Rico for supplies, and were annoyed because the whole country was on vacation, some strangely named day they called “Epiphany”.  I was taken aback.  In disbelief I waited for the wink and nod letting me know they were being sarcastic…it never came.  They seriously had no idea.  Now agreeably, we Christians have some difficulty to pronounce and sometimes hard to keep up with holy days, but Epiphany??  

Am I so naive that I thought most Americans knew what the Epiphany was?  In their video they started asking around thinking they might gain a clue as to was this strange holiday was.  The first person they spoke with said it celebrated the three kings.  I instantly thought they might put it together, as everyone has heard of the three kings??  Not so much evidently.  

Why am I telling you this?  Maybe a public confession that I watch way too much Youtube?  Probably did me some good on that front but I write this to draw awareness to the evangelism fields.  Surely everyone is in church who wants to be…right?  No.  What this proves is that there are a growing number of souls in America that have never heard the Gospel.  

When learning about “invisible ignorance” in seminary, we always used the example of some lost tribe in the deepest jungles of Africa.  What happens to these souls when judgement day comes, they never had a chance to follow Christ, as they never heard the Gospel.  The answer is they were victims of invincible ignorance, and could still gain paradise.  

We should now all be aware that the deepest part of Africa is likely better evangelized than big city America.  We have gone from a Christian nation to one that knows no god. 

All Christians are called to spread the good news.  Too many times we think that those around us surely go to church; somewhere.  We need to start to realize that they do not.  Most people you see at best are members of a church that they never attend.  

We all as American Christians have been very lazy, and it shows.  We have not taught the faith, we have not shared the faith, and we certainly have not been inviting people to the faith.  This needs to end now.  We need to be evangelists.  We need to share the churches many holidays, if that only means telling our neighbor about why we are attending church on a weekday.  

Advertise your faith, don’t be ashamed of it.  Ask your neighbor to mass, or to a holy day, or to a church function, don’t be shy, and certainly don’t assume that they are going to church somewhere else.  We have a nation full of those who do not know the basics of Christianity, let us change that!

Fr Scott

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