The Cross

Feast of the Holy Cross

Today we celebrate something that to an atheist would seem very odd, a form of execution. The cross in Jesus’ time was very simply a means to end lives of enemies to the state, whether they be criminals or the unfortunate folks that were frowned upon by the reigning authorities. Even to a Christian, to honor a form of execution might seem different, until you look at what that device did for all creation.

The cross itself was instantly turned into an object of veneration. After the death and resurrection of Christ, many believers would flock to Golgotha, the site of the crucifixion…of all crucifixions. So many came that the empire covered it in a mound of dirt and built a temple of Venus over the site. The mother of the emperor 200 years later ordered the site excavated and found the real cross that Jesus was crucified upon. They knew they had found it when two people in close proximity that were ill were healed instantly upon the crosses uncovering.

From the moment after the crucifixion, the cross has been venerated. It should remind us of the sacrifice that God made for us. It should remind us of God’s love. It should remind us that we should make a response.

Christ emptied Himself for us. We likewise should empty ourselves for Christ. Our hopes, our dreams, our desires should not be our own, they should be God’s. This is hard. We grow up dreaming of “our” future. We dream of what we will do and what we will see. We forget that we are created by God for His purpose, to do otherwise is to be outside of God’s plan and likely to be miserable. Look at the use of alcohol, drugs, prescription drugs today. We have an epidemic of sad and unhappy people that make themselves comfortable by partaking in things that hurt the body. Finding God’s call for our lives is the real answer.

Empty yourself, just as Christ did. See the cross as the constant reminder of God love for you and His call for your life. Put down your own thoughts as to your life, and follow God and the cross, it is there that you will find true happiness.

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