Worried? Stressed Out? Read this.

We are certainly in interesting times. As we come out of 2020, a year plagued by Covid, we are well into 2021…a year still plagued by Covid. A year and a half with such a dark cloud over our heads has produced an economy that is less than certain. The news is awash with experts telling us the forth quarter of the economy is going to be bad. And if you look at the internet there are many, many people telling us that the future is bleak.

What do we do? Of course each of us will have to make up our own mind on which pundit to believe and chart our courses the best we can. But I want to remind you that God has the answer.

God has from the beginning told us He would take care of all that believe in Him. I think we all, that believe, know this. Why do we worry then?

Will God take care of us as we would like to be taken care of? I like my house, I like my car. This list of “I like’s” could go on for awhile. I know that if times get tough I am going to have to make some tough decisions on those things “I like”. Will I have to sell my RV, or how about one of our cars? Heaven forbid I have to sell my house! This is where stress and worry come from.

But God will take care of us, we know this. But we still worry. This stems from trust. We read in scripture that God wishes us to live simple lives, this has to be the most ignored piece of scripture. Is God, through bad economic times, directing us back to simple lives? Are simple lives, being God’s wish, the better life?

Answer, (in question form) has God ever led you wrong?

Of course He has not. We should look at these times as God leading us to better lifestyles…maybe not financially, but spiritually. Can you come to grips with selling off some of your “I likes” and thereby enabling yourself to look forward to God’s peace?

I have to say, a little more peace in my life sounds very good!

Without a doubt, protect yourself from whatever is to come financially. But as you start to worry and fret, remember that God is with us, and is going to use these times to help us get closer to Him. So every hard decision you make, make it with an alleluia (as hard as that may be at the time) knowing that God is working even in the worst of times to bring you closer to Him.

Fr Scott

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